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Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies

ברוכים הבאים למרכז ללימודי ישראל

在这个危机和痛苦的时刻,我们与以色列国站在一起,尽管它有着惊人的复杂性, of loss and true courage. Our hearts are with our captives, the injured and all who are mourning. איתכם לכל הדרך

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The YU Center for Israel Studies is the voice of academic Israel area studies at Yeshiva University. 

独联体是美国和以色列之间的桥梁,而不是有线电视新闻和口号的以色列, but the real and vital and invigorating State of Israel. 

The YU Center for Israel Studies 是一个人们聚在一起探索新旧土地(赫茨尔的说法)的地方——从亚伯拉罕到犹太复国主义的以色列土地.

Our area studies approach to Israel, its land and peoples, 建立在足球买球app丰富教师的优势和兴趣之上, the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, YU Israel, YU Museum and the Gottesman Library to explore Israel in all of its complexity

Never has our work been more important. 本网站介绍了我们的工作和使命,我们的项目和成功的历史.

Join us!

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Projects and Programs:

CIS programs encompass Israel in all of its amazing complexity.  Each of our projects and events brings together faculty, students, 以及来自世界各地的专家,专注于从圣经时代到现在的以色列土地研究中的重要问题.  


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YU Israelite Samaritan Project

The Samaritans: A Biblical People was a multi-media, interactive experience of the Samaritan Israelites, their world and their place in Western Civilization and Jewish History.  我们首次收集了世界各地博物馆和图书馆中保存的最重要的文物,以阐明这段惊人的历史.  These included paintings, manuscripts, priceless books, photography, 仪式用品和希腊最重要的考古发现, Italy and Israel.  连接的线索是一系列的媒体装置和展示,反映了撒玛利亚人经历的宏伟和复杂, and its relevance to us today.  

The Samaritans: A Biblical People is the centerpiece of the Yeshiva University Israelite Samaritan Project, which includes a full length documentary, scholarship and education.

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Talmud on the Israeli Street


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The Arch of Titus Project

提图斯拱门项目是对提图斯拱门的多方面探索, 在罗马为纪念罗马将军的胜利而建造的凯旋门, later emperor, Titus, in the Jewish War of 66-74 CE. One of the most significant Roman artifacts to have survived, 近两千年来,提多拱门对犹太人和基督徒都一直具有重要意义. 拱门上的七支烛台的形象现在是以色列国的象征.


Leon Charney Visiting Scholars

利昂·查尼访问足球买球app项目表彰与以色列地区研究相关领域的足球买球app, 使他们能够在我们的学术团体中短期从事他们的工作. 该项目面向资深足球买球app和新兴研究生. Charney Scholars offer research lectures, sometimes teach courses, engage in CIS related projects, join in the life of our vibrant academic community, and take full advantage our location in New York city.

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