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Join us for Shabbat on Campus!

Shabbat offers a unique opportunity to relax with your peers, participate in exciting social programming and gain insight from Roshei Yeshiva and guest speakers. Hundreds of 学生, on both the Wilf and Beren campuses, take part in the Shabbat programming each week. If you're looking for a one of a kind Shabbat experience, 有美味的食物, 洞察力的人, interactive programming and uplifting ruach, then on campus is the place to be for Shabbat!

Join Us for Shabbat

Steps to Sign Up for Shabbat on Campus (must complete both steps):

1) Please first purchase your meal ticket at 收费

2) Please look at your emails each week for a form to choose your seats for meals


Things You Didn't Know 足球买球app Shabb@Beren

  1. On average,160 women stay in for Shabbat each week.
  2. We have a Campus Rabbi and Rebbetzin as well as an Av and Eim Bayit in each week. They have super cute children, and they are pretty fabulous, too!
  3. In past semesters we have hosted the Maccabeats, Ystuds, 城里的犹太人, 忙碌在布鲁克林, and many other guests.
  4. Shabbat is constantly improving with student feedback and participation through our Shabbat Enhancement Committee (SEC). They work tirelessly to make Shabbat happen each week.
  5. The only thing missing from Shabb@Beren is YOU!


访问我们的 Shabbat at 公司校园 site for all the latest updates and  information.

To sign up for Shabbat, please visit 收费 and enter your credentials to purchase a meal ticket.

Each week features a different guest, insightful shiurim, and fun activities. 学生s can expect Shabbat on campus to be an enriching and exciting experience!


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